How To Use The Incorporations Marketplace

What Is The Incorporations Marketplace?

The Incorporations marketplace allows you to find the best jurisdiction to set up your business. You can find a report on legal requirements and taxes for each legal entity type in every jurisdiction. You can also browse and filter jurisdictions by corporate ownership, minimum shareholders, accounting requirements, privacy, tax rates, offshore tax laws, anti-avoidance rules or tax treaties, among many tax and legal aspects. Whether you are a digital freelancer wishing to incorporate your business or a company establishing a subsidiary, through the SelfKey Identity Wallet you can certify your identity documents and securely share it with our corporate services partners to incorporate your company.

How To Use The Incorporations Marketplace?

Step 1: Download the SelfKey Identity Wallet.

Setup a new Ethereum address or import an existing one via Keystore File (more info), Trezor Hardware Wallet (more info), or Ledger Hardware Wallet (more info).

Step 2: On the Sidebar Menu, click Marketplace

Step 3: In the SelfKey Marketplace, click "Learn More" under Incorporation

Step 4: Select a jurisdiction and click "Details"

Step 5: Review KYC Requirements and Forms

Each jurisdiction will have its own KYC requirements for documents and information about your identity. Once you click "Start Incorporation", you can edit and add the required documents as necessary. These documents can also be reused later on in different SelfKey Marketplace verticals such as bank accounts, passports and residency, or crypto exchanges. To proceed with the incorporations process, you'll also need to agree to the Terms of Service set by the provider which is included before you submit the documents.

If you are not ready to begin the process, you can always return and complete your application later.  The SelfKey Identity Wallet will save your progress.

Step 6: Prepare Payment in KEY Tokens & Begin Incorporation

Payment for incorporation services is priced in USD set in a value against KEY tokens. There is also a small network transaction fee that will be necessary to execute this on the Ethereum network. There will also be a contact email listed for the service provider that you can contact for any followup questions.

Step 7: Receive Your Documents

Your incorporation documents will be delivered to you via email from the service provider, and you can communicate with them for any further questions and answers.