What is SelfKey?

SelfKey is a Blockchain based digital identity system that enables Self-Sovereign Identity, allowing individuals and companies to truly own, control and manage their digital identity. Identity owners are able to securely manage their digital identity, request re-usable identity attestations, and instantly access a broad range of immigration and financial services.

SelfKey consists of several key components including: 

  • SelfKey Foundation, a non-profit foundation whose charter and governance enshrines the principles of self-sovereign identity,
  • A technology stack with a free and open source identity wallet for the identity owner to access to identity attributes and documents stored in users’ personal device.
  • A marketplace with fintech products and services.
  • A JSON-LD (machine readable) protocol 
  • A 3rd party identity microservices modular layer which comply with KYC laws and regulations, and 
  • A native Ethereum ERC-20 token called “KEY” which enables the SelfKey ecosystem to exchange value and information in an efficient, fully-digital, self-sovereign manner.

SelfKey makes KYC simple, painless and easy, allowing relying parties, certifiers and identity owners to transact in a secure, private, decentralised manner.