What Is Checksum Validation?

When downloading files from the internet, it's very important to verify that the file you downloaded IS in fact the file you EXPECTED to download. They SelfKey team provides checksums to files of the SelfKey Identity Wallet so that you can ensure that the file is not tampered with. You can compare the checksums by visiting our website at https://www.selfkey.org/download and compare it to the value your operating system provides.

You can do this Checksum Validation with a very slick handy free utility called HashTab. Simply download the utility, run the install, and leave it on your computer for future use. There are more tools listed below, most free. Windows 10 has a built in hash calculator. After downloading, validate the file:

  • WINDOWS: right-click the file, select Properties, and choose the FileHashes tab to see the calculated hashes.
  • MAC: right-click the file, select Services, and choose the FileHashes option to see the calculated hashes.

Then compare the checksums against the checksums posted on the site from which you downloaded the file. If they match, great! If not, double-check where you downloaded the file from, and be sure nothing's tampering with your downloads, including maybe even a virus on your computer. 

Warning: If thee hashes don't match, then you should NOT use the downloaded file, because it may have been tampered with. In such cases you should also report the discrepancy to us at [email protected] so we can investigate further or if it's a mistake.