How To Add Documents To Your SelfKey ID

There are no initial documents required to create your SelfKey ID. 

However, if you wish to engage with the SelfKey Marketplace and purchase products or services, you will need to add additional identity documents for the KYC process. Eventually, we believe documents will become obsolete as we move to a pure digital identity future with self-sovereign identity. This is a long-term vision and we will gradually add features to support this in upcoming versions of the SelfKey Identity Wallet.

To add additional documents, you can click "Add Documents" in your SelfKey ID dashboard and select a dropdown list of items. Certain documents such as a passport copy will also require you to enter the expiration or issuance date and a selfie proving that you indeed own the document. For more information, select the individual document to add. If you have any questions, please let us know at [email protected]