What is SelfKey's relationship with KYC-Chain?

KYC-Chain Ltd is the founder of the SelfKey Foundation. KYC-Chain Ltd is a limited liability company incorporated in Hong Kong that has been building identity and KYC onboarding technology. KYC-Chain’s main product is a KYC onboarding software aimed at businesses such as financial institutions, exchanges, law firms, corporate service providers or fintech startups, among others.

SelfKey is a user-oriented Digital Identity Platform, which consists in an Identity Wallet, a Marketplace and an ERC-20 based token, KEY, and allows identity owners, certifiers and relying parties to transact in a secure manner. Although KYC-Chain is the founder of SelfKey, they are separated entities with different activity, products and target audience. Many of the SelfKey Marketplace functions and processing of KYC to our partners is powered by KYC-Chain.