How Can I Import a Keystore File (UTC)?

The Keystore file (UTC) holds an encrypted version of your Private key.

When you enter your password upon generation of your wallet, it takes your password and uses it to encrypt your Private key into a Keystore file (UTC). For stronger encryption choose a stronger password.

Note that you cannot change your password without generating a new Keystore file (UTC).

1. Open the SelfKey Wallet

2. Click "Use Existing Wallet"

3. Choose the "New Address" (Keystore File)

4. Upload your Keystore file (UTC)

5. Enter your password

6. Now you can access your wallet address via SelfKey

Please, store your password, Keystore file (UTC) and private key in a safe place, preferably an external device without access to the internet (like USB).

In case of loss, we won't be able to recover your password, Keystore file or private key.